Artist statement

As an artist, I try to add to the world a measure of peacefulness, beauty, simplicity, elegance, and movement—qualities which I believe to be vital for our existence as a human civilization. I attempt to infuse these qualities into the material itself, into the object and its shape.

In my artistic practice, I seek an aesthetic of pleasantness, transcendence, and beauty—beauty as a form that the eye and mind can linger on safely and comfortably. I also look for elegance by way of simplicity and focus on the essential, in the work process as well as in the outcome.

My starting point is the search for a link connecting the world of consciousness and the world of forms. For years I have been exploring the question of how an intangible quality, which has no literal expression, can be embodied in an object. In my work process I attempt to give visual expression to consciousness so as to render the invisible visible.

The use of thin slabs of clay enables me to build lightweight objects, consistent with the images, which are characterized by delicacy, minimalism, flexibility, and dignity.